Website Development

Experts in website development, we create seamless online experiences, blending functionality and design for optimal user engagement.

Mobile & Desktop Optimised Websites.

Fully responsive websites that display correctly on all devices and are mobile-friendly. When you decide to invest in a website, make sure it’s going to do everything you want it to do. Lots of people say ‘I want my website to get me more business’ but invest only a few hundred dollars in it or don’t take the time to provide adequate content because they’re ‘too busy’ and will ‘get around to it later’. Imagine this, if a customer walks into your cafe and you’re too busy to replace the broken chairs and wonky tables, will you put up with an inferior service or will you find another cafe? It’s the exact same thing with websites, if someone is looking for a Diesel Mechanic, do you think they’re more likely to engage with a website with high-resolution photos, maybe a couple of videos and complete and accurate content or a website that’s been slapped together and no design has been thought through?

Our first step in designing a website is to research the relevant industry and compile a list of what’s important for us to display on the home page. Once this has been done we sketch the design on large pieces of paper which show how we want it to look, where each element should be placed. The user interface is one of the most important, and often least valued steps (by clients & developers alike)